C’est La Vie Restaurant – Celebration and Disappointment

It has been an incredible few weeks for the Epicurean Pilgrim. Celebrations have been numerous with family and friends descending on the EP homestead. The opportunity to enjoy family and friends relaxing outside or around the family table is nutrition itself.

With the many celebrations, guests, and travel, there has not been a recent update for the current state of our epicurean journey. With this I apologize, and provide a different side of the journey.

As with any celebration, the opportunity to go out and enjoy a favorite eatery is a part of the EP’s plans. For the family, Laguna Beach is not only a relaxing and beautiful place to go but it also is the location of an eatery that has been enjoyable up until our the most recent visit.

In times past, C’est La Vie has been our favorite restaurant to visit while in Laguna Beach. The food has been tremendous, especially their bacon wrapped shrimp and garlic mashed potatoes. What has made the eatery even more desirable is its bakery and Happy Hour specials. As someone that enjoys food and judges food and wine against the price, Happy Hour is always interesting to decide the quality of food versus price. This eatery had been a place with an excellent Happy Hour and fantastic menu.

Baked Brie

This time, however, things had changed. When we asked about Happy Hour they seemed put down by the question. We were taken to the deck to enjoy the beach, which was nice, but were received by a waiter that seemed to be put off by our desire for only cocktails and appetizers. I will say, we did enjoy a fantastic bowl of lobster bisque and baked brie, but the service that was provided was less than stellar. Sadly, I would not recommend C’est La Vie to anyone looking for a place to eat while down in Laguna Beach.

As with any journey, you will stumble upon both good and bad experiences. Our first experience at C’est La Vie was incredible; unfortunately, the desire of the restaurant to change did not work out for the EP. This is all a part of the journey.

On the positive side of the weekend, the amount of guests that did find their way to our home brought about an idea for the EP. The need for a large outdoor vineyard table. The creation of the table would be an excellent piece of furniture for all to gather. The building of this table will be a project we will follow in the upcoming weeks.


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