Alosta Brewing Company

As we say goodbye to summer and hello to Fall, the Epicurean Pilgrim wanted to continue with another craft brewer that he has enjoyed. I would call it my “local” brewer. If you get a chance, you need to try out Alosta Brewing Company in Covina, California. If there was any place that felt like a local hang out while producing quality beer, this is the place. Jamie and the rest of owners make each person that enters as though they are part of the Alosta Brewing family.

The EP this summer has discovered a love for Saison and Alosta Brewing does not disappoint in this category.  The Farmhouse is their 6.1% Saison that backs aromas of pepper, and lemon that bring forth a nice tart taste and a slight hoppy finish that comes from the Saaz hops used by the brewery.  However, if you want to take a step into the California-ness of their brewing, then the Saison Blue, a 6.7% delicious product that has hints of cinnamon and local grown sage, is for you. This Saison brings about the thoughts of a summer day in the field when you drink it.

Although Alosta Brewing does not have a kitchen, they do provide opportunity for excellent food. You find often find Double D’s B.B.Q. at the brewery making some incredible trip-tip sandwiches paired with their homemade Cole Slaw.  The spice that Double D’s B.B.Q. uses in the rubs pairs fantastically with the

Sally Blonde Ale, a nice ale with hardy malts and hops with a slight honey finish.

Alosta Brewing Company is another outstanding craft brewery that the Epicurean Pilgrim has discovered. If you need a local brewery to call home and you are in the Covina area, consider Alosta Brewing. Be on the watch for a possible Beer Maker Dinner that will pair up their beers with the Epicurean’s dishes.


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